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Graficom’s vision

We are observing a dynamic world in which changes and innovations are taking place frequently and in which physical and digital environments become increasingly interdependent. We believe that a secure digital world contributes to a better performance of companies and institutions. Indirectly this will contribute to a better and more developed society.

Graficom focuses on the developments of this dynamic world and strives to make the digital workplace simpler and safer by advising, supporting and unburdening organisations with its specialised knowledge in the field of IT, business organisation and safety.

Graficom’s mission

We aspire to be the best and most reliable IT partner on the market. We endeavour to achieve this by working professionally, in an enterprising manner and in a customer oriented way.
Our mission is to build a stable and safe environment. Building this also necessitates an interactive collaboration with the client in order to meet the latter’s needs.
We translate complex issues into innovative and creative solutions, resulting in an efficient and effective IT environment.

Clients must be able to work in a future-proof, safe and familiar way on their own objectives and performance. The users have ease of use and support when and where required. In the field of IT we relieve the customers with a high level of availability, reliability and financial manageability (flexible, scalable and mixed). Graficom has been in business for more than 20 years and has experienced a healthy growth. Below you will find the history Graficom built up over the past 20 years:


Foundation of Graficom by Goran Grcic


Moving to bigger facilities in Hendrik Ido Ambacht


Development of the company and increase in employees


Moving to larger facilities in Ridderkerk

2009 - 2015

Growth in number of customers, market segments and personnel


Expanding our office with an extra building


Foundation and opening office at Curacao


Take-over of a colleague IT company


Moving to larger facilities in Ridderkerk

2017 - 2018

Celebrating 20 years in business


Opening of a new office location

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Taking the time zones into account, experienced IT specialists are available during an extended period to maintain your IT environment. In order to relieve the customer as much as possible, we determine which activities can be done from which location. This way the customer experiences the least possible inconvenience.

Graficom Curaçao

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