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The Cloud is a much-discussed subject these days. A large number of companies are therefore working with Cloud services. However, the Cloud is not always the best choice for every company and is only a means to achieve a goal. Is the Cloud a good choice for your organisation? Graficom Curacao can help you answer this and other questions.
Those who use the Cloud applications and data in a Cloud environment, which is hosted in data centres.
You only pay for the use of the applications and do not have to invest in the underlying infrastructure. With the Cloud big expenditures being a thing of the past, you get a high level of scalability.

Secure access to data

Many companies offer the possibility to log in at different places, but choose to restrict access to data for security reasons. As a result, you may not be able to access your required documents anywhere you wish. This prevents you from being involved in your work 100%.
With on-line workplaces in the Cloud, you give your employees the opportunity to enjoy access to the necessary documents at any time, anywhere, on the road, at home or at the customer’s, without jeopardizing the security of your data.

Which form of the Cloud would you prefer?

The Cloud is available in all shapes and sizes. This however does not make a switch an easy matter.
Which Cloud is the most suitable for your situation and your organization? You can choose from a public, private or just a hybrid Cloud. In addition, you can pick from a large number of Cloud providers.
Some providers offer a so-called “managed Cloud”, in which the management of the environment is fully taken care of. Other providers offer a Cloud environment that you can manage yourself.

The advantages and disadvantages at a glance

Are you curious about the possibilities of the Cloud and the added value that a transfer can have for your organization?
Contact Graficom Curacao! Our experts can advise you on the various forms of the Cloud as well as providers from which you can choose. The experts will list the advantages and disadvantages related to your organization.

Working in the Cloud is attractive for many companies because of the flexibility and accessibility it offers from different places and devices. Our experience shows that the best suitable solution takes place in consultation with the company, focussing on the added value for your particular situation.

We focus on business operations, processes and IT users.

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