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Working everywhere, always and safely in your own environment is no longer an utopia. For this purpose, Graficom has designed an online workplace solution for Curaçao on Curaçao. Your data is safe in our datacenter and never leaves the island without your knowledge.

Our solution is unique in that we have been able to keep cost very manageable through the use of a shared platform. Therefore, investing in your own hardware and the associated risks is no longer necessary. Graficom ensures that your data always stays online, in accordance with the highest security standards.

Because we offer these online workplaces to multiple organizations, you as a customer will enjoy these logical economies of scale. Graficom uses a model by which you pay a fixed amount per workplace, without any hidden or additional costs. Therefore, your organization knows exactly what the monthly costs are for your online workplaces. According to our needs, the number of workplaces can be scaled up or down every month. They can also be cancelled with a month notice.

The most important benefits of the online workplace.


Always work safely everywhere
You will have access to your work environment everywhere with any device which has internet access (including your telephone hotspot). As a user you will not have to worry about anything any longer. We will keep your complete work environment save and up-to-date. In addition, you no longer have to worry about electricity costs of a server room, licenses, cooling of your server equipment, hardware depreciation, back-up etc. etc.

Continuity and back-ups of your data
In the event your computer crashes, gets stolen or lost in a fire, you do not have to worry about your data files. All of your data has been stored with us safely in the Cloud. The only thing you need is another device to connect to your environment and you can continue without much interruption. If necessary, you can even do this from your cell phone.

Data storage
Graficom’s Cloud platform has been designed in such a way as to keep your data on Curaçao. You also have the choice to keep your back-up’s on Curaçao as well by replicating your data to another data center other than ours on Curaçao. Transferring data to our data centers in the Netherlands is also possible.
The choice is entirely yours. In this manner you have the guarantee that your data, if you wish, will never leave Curaçao and is never visible to others.
On the other hand, it is possible to mirror all of your data to our data centers in the Netherlands. In the event of a serious disaster, we can make your data available again in our Dutch data centers within a few hours, so you can continue to work almost immediately. The choice is entirely yours.

Total solution for every user
The online workplace is a total solution for every user within your organization. We take care of the in Cloud and Microsoft licenses. There also is a possibility to integrate your own applications within our platform. Our staff are available 24×7 to assist you in the event of emergencies.

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Taking the time zones into account, experienced IT specialists are available during an extended period to maintain your IT environment. In order to relieve the customer as much as possible, we determine which activities can be done from which location. This way the customer experiences the least possible inconvenience.

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